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Founded on 24 October 1961 by Mr Liu Hing-Chai, the Queen's College Astronomers' Club is the first astronomy club within Hong Kong secondary schools. We are dedicated to not only promoting astronomy among our brethren but also forging bonds between them. Our mission has brought many together, evocative of the brotherhood we hold so dear.


Astronomers' Night is a regular astronomy talk and stargazing-in-one activity held twice a month. The Astronomers' Nights give participants a chance to know more about the Space above and a rare, hands-on experience to operate our equipment. We also organise regular solar observations and off-campus stargazing.
The signature rooftop dome only constitutes one part of the Club's equipment on the Queen's College campus. Another dedicated Astronomers' Room allows us access to the rooftop, storage for telescopes, and a venue reserved for Club activities.

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Tai Tam Observatory

The Stanley Ho Astronomical Observatory, opened in 2019, is an off-campus site situated in Tai Tam. The Observatory benefits from lesser light pollution and a more isolated locale compared to the Queen's College campus.


The Observatory houses high-end equipment exclusive to Club members, affording us to make long-term observations. Advanced equipment enables astrophotography and precise measurements to be made at the site, giving members a taste in more professional astronomical investigations.
The isolated location gives way to opportunities previously impossible on-campus, while also allowing observation in the relative comfort and protection of the Observatory. It also lets members enjoy the skies in peace, away from the crowds and busy work of Hong Kong, and with friends of common interest.

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Want to refine your scientific mind or have a fun time with friends? If you have seen our activities and want to participate in their organisation, or just want to enjoy a great time, join the Astronomers today as future core members.

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